Safety & Security

5 Universities Where Wireless Access ...

Control Is Making a Difference

No keys — and no stock-room thieves ...

— when you fit a Code Handle® digital PIN lock

The new SMARTair® Lock puts advanced ...

electronic access control into a familiar format

The role access control can play in ...

your sustainability strategy

Handle with care: what makes Code ...

Handle® the right PIN door lock for health premises?

At one residential school, a simple ...

upgrade swaps manual keys for centralized electronic access control

CLIQ® Go wireless access control is a ...

win–win for small businesses and locksmiths

Wireless Aperio® locks and wired ...

access control work together at this French hospital

Advantage CLIQ®: key access control ...

where the power is already in your pocket

5 steps to make sure your access ...

control locks are future-proof

With the CLIQ® Web Manager, you decide ...

how to manage a key-based access control system

Real-time functionality can put access ...

control managers in total control

The new SMARTair® Knob Cylinder: one ...

small change has changed everything

Aperio® technology delivers ...

future-proofed access control for London’s new £15 million innovation hub

From 40 keys per employee to a single, ...

programmable, battery-powered key, thanks to CLIQ® wireless access control

Could you do more with your phone? When ...

it comes to access control, you certainly can

Aperio®: 10 years of trust and ...

innovation in wireless access control

Office security: Code Handle® PIN ...

locking function keeps private offices private

At a Danish health facility, SMARTair® ...

wireless access control brings sensitive areas under total control

Save time and money when you run CLIQ® ...

access control using a Software as a Service solution


Smart Home Platform For Service Providers

Vehicle Search

Vehicle Search Solution

XT1 Plus

Smarthome Alarm System


Apartment Outdoor Station

Ü-Lock BLE

Electronic Key For You And Me

Easy App

App For The Administration Of Cylinders And To Open Doors

S26 Flex

Built-in Camera with Bell Button Module

DoorBird D2101KV

IP Video Door Station

Elock 2

Wireless Locking Cylinder FZA - Wireless Arming Cylinder

Code Handle®: the PIN-secured door ...

handle that locks itself


In-Wall Multi-Function Sensor


Network Cyber Management System


Contactless PC Access

Global Client Programme

Progressive Project Rollout System

Magicard 600

Secure ID-card Printer


Smart Decoupling Device

Dräger Smart Rescue

Building Information System


Intelligent Switch

Security Center 5.8

Unified Solution for Security Management

Smart Locker Systems

Locker System

SkyHawk AI 14TB

Surveillance-optimized Drive

Siveillance Perimeter

Multi Alarm System

Saros DH-390

Multi-Spectral Dome Camera


Video-based Fire Detection


Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector


IoT Controller

Eniq Guard

Digital Door Handle

Security Center Synergis

Unified Access Control Solution

Flexidome IP starlight 8000i

Dome Cameras With Wireless Remote Commissioning

QX-Serie / QX Series

4K/UHD Displays for 24/7 Operations


4K Network Camera



Eagle Eye Cloud VMS

Cloud Video Management

Iloq S50

Digital Locking Solution


Thermal Imaging Dual Camera

WinGuard X4

Open Architecture PSIM Platform


2MP IR AI Bullet Network Camera

Wisenet XNP-6550RH

PTZ Camera with 55x Optical Zoom


Digital Visitor Management

Keywatcher Fleet

Key Control System

WK5 Door

Safety Sectional Door

ACT Enterprise

Access Control Software


Electronic Access System


Multisensor Panoramic Cameras


Radar System with Tracker License


2MP VF Bullet Network Camera


Cyber Security with Information Security

ASi-5/ASi-3 Profisafe

Profinet Gateway


Safety Light Curtain with BLE


Outdoor Safety Laser Scanner

Polytector III G999

Multi-gas Detector


Explosion-Proof Thermal Network Bullet Camera


Ladder Foot

MVK Fusion

Fieldbus Safety Module

P-Kube Krome

Multifunctional Safety Handle for Industrial Automation

Auvesy: versiondog

Change Management Software

Lupus Mobile Smoke Detector

Mobile Smoke Detector


Radio Fire Warning System

CC4 CrossCheck

Pneumatic Poppet Valve

FL 2820 TFT

Escape Way Luminaire

Evolution ExD

Fisheye Camera for Explosive Environments

SecuriSens ADW 535

Line-type Heat Detector

Threat Compass

Cyber Threat Intelligence Solution


Escape Door Display Terminal


Guard Locking Switch


Sensorless speed monitor


Mini Hybrid Bullet Camera

Smalin CO

Carbon Monoxide Detector Within Night Light

Black Beast

Light Safety Shoe

Cloud Protector

Web Application Firewall as a Service


Assistance System for Surge Protection

PITmode fusion

Modular Operating Mode Selection and Access Permission System

PIN validation makes CLIQ® Connect an ...

even more secure access solution for your mobile workers and remote sites

Thanks to SMARTair® wireless access ...

control, weekly key management time went from 5 hours to 5 minutes

Code Handle®: the secure PIN-locking ...

handle you can install yourself

Self-powered locks are the future of ...

sustainable electronic security

Why does the Aperio® H100 access ...

control handle keep winning industry awards? Design, functionality, simplicity

In France, SMARTair® access control ...

plays a key role in school safety planning

CLIQ® Connect access control helps you ...

cut fuel costs and eliminate wasted energy

The right access control technology ...

makes schools safer — and doesn’t cost the earth

In busy Italian offices, Aperio® ...

wireless locks extend an AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller system without wires

Switch to intelligent, electronic ...

locking — without throwing away the keys

How easily can wireless locks extend ...

the reach of your access control?

ADT 1100

New ADT 1100 time recording terminal with master reader function and SAP interface

The cost-effective, hassle-free way to ...

protect private rooms from public access

In the mountains of France, CLIQ® ...

In the mountains of France, CLIQ® key-based access control helps keep the clean water flowing

Aperio® wireless access control cuts ...

lost key hassles at a growing student accommodation block

Intersec 2019: Building smarter cities ...

with ASSA ABLOY’s commercial access solutions

CLIQ electronic locking system

A CLIQ electronic locking system puts an Italian bank in complete control of every entrance


Access Control: Valuable medical equipment is in safe hands with SMARTair


Success Story: French Care Home Entrusts Wireless Access Control from Assa Abloy


Assa Abloy: CLIQ Access control and mechanical locks work side-by-side at a major new London museum


Mechatronic Locking System Combining High-End Mechanical and Electronic Protection

Expert Article

Access Control: Can phones challenge the resilient plastic card?

Wireless Access Control Report

Major new access control industry report shares freshly researched data and expert analysis


COMPANION: When should you extend your access control? 3 questions you must answer first

CLIQ / Expert Article: BANKING

Access Control: Can a single, integrated locking system protect banking halls, ATMs and cash in transit?


Assa Abloy Wireless Access Control: Campus Security - Secure Student Accommodation


Combining the Advantages of Mechanical and Electronic Keys and Locks into One System


Assa Abloy: Easy-to-integrate Wireless Access Control


Keyless Access Control in Plans For More - Access restrictions for lifts, doors and car parks are managed by Assa

CLIQ Connect

Mobile Management of Locking Systems


Server Room Monitoring Solution

SMARTair Wireless online

SMARTair wireless access control system

eCLIQ - wireless locking ecosystem

eCLIQ locking system with programmable keys & cylinders

Aperio wireless access control

Aperio wireless access control to expand any installed system

ENTR smart lock

ENTR Smart Door Lock

CLIQ Go - access control system

CLIQ Gokey-based access control for small businesses

Aperio locks

Wireless access control solutions for hospitals

Basler ace acA640-750uc/um & ...

12 new cameras with PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor

MatroxClarity UHD

Multi-Format & Multi Input Framegrabber 4x HD - 2x UDH + H.264

Consulting on audible fire alerting

Consulting on audible fire alerting

ÖDR - oil dampers

DICTATOR Oil Dampers ÖDR Safely Close Gates with Ascending Hinges

DICTATOR ZE Door Holders

DICTATOR ZE Door Holders Standard and Design Line

Intercon-1 IF-B3MBT-USB

High-Flex USB3-Vision cables for rolling and torsional flex applications

Interlock Control System

Control System with multiple special functions (airlocks for people, materials, hygienic interlocks, clean room

Matrox Radient - Camera-Link ...

Framegrabber with FPGA-based image-processing offload

DICTATOR Swing door hinges

Safe closing of swing doors

Ex-proof hold open installations

Solutions for Ex-proof hold open installations

Door operators and gate operators

Industrial door drive units for fire rated doors

Opening damper

Preventing of uncontrolled slamming of open of doors

Door closer DICTAMAT 50

Door closer for sliding doors

DICTATOR gas springs

DICTATOR gas springs

Special door closers for hinged doors

Special door closers for hinged doors without frame