Safety & Security

Building Security

This section provides an overview of products used for protection against breaking & entry, and for perimeter security and monitoring.

IT and IT Security

Under the headings of IT and IT Security, the topics of industrial network security, antivirus software, firewalls and office security are introduced.

Access control and clocking

Under the heading of Access control and clocking, we have combined organisational systems and apparatus for clocking and access control.

Video security and monitoring

This section provides an overview of products relating to video monitoring: cameras, components, memory systems, software and video management.

Fire prevention

The focal point, here, rests on products for smoke warning, fire warning and fire control, together with systems for escape routes and rescue routes, alarms and evacuation.

Machine safety, industrial safety

Under the heading of Machine safety and industrial safety, we present products that enhance industrial safety. Machine and plant safety are extensively involved.