03/17/2006 • Drive Tech • Systems and Components

New LiftPower flat belt for even power distribution

In the past, the use of chains and steel cables in lifting drives frequently caused difficulties with regard to maintenance and loud running noises. The WF LiftPower flat belt, which was specially designed to replace chains and steel cables for the vertical conveyance of motor vehicles, enhances the quality of Flexlift lifting platforms.

The requirements in particular of the automobile industry and plant engineering led to the development of a completely new design for scissor table lifts. The design of the scissor and lifting mechanisms minimizes the use of wearing parts. The alignment of the flat belts and the drive motor according to the block and tackle principle reduces the power required for the lifting movement by 50%.

The new WF neoprene flat belt is being used by the Flexlift company as a lifting belt, where it is wound to vertically lift a max. weight of 3,000 kg (cross beam and passenger car) via 4 single belts. Eight additional flat belts, which are positioned diagonally, stabilize the entire lifting unit, eliminating the need for additional vertical guides, which would be a hindrance. The diagonal belts are continuously kept under tension during both upward and downward movements.

The belt structure, made of polychloroprene rubber, enables higher speeds while reducing noise as compared with chains and cables. The very low thickness tolerance of +/-0.13 mm produces an even distribution of force in the belts when several belts are wound simultaneously.

Due to the maintenance-free design and compact dimensions when retracted, Flexlift GmbH has already requested 200 such belt lifting platforms.
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