A380 Seat Changing Lifting-Vehicle: LV 27.80 - Seat Changing Lifting Vehicle for Airports (transfer of aircraft seats and interior parts)

The FFG Seat Changing Lifting-Vehicle has been designed for the transfer of aircraft seats and interior parts from the aircraft to the service station.

The chassis is a Mercedes-Benz, type Atego with a total weight of 15 tons. An automatic transmission and air suspension on front and rear axle offers highest riding comfort and security to the operator during the docking procedure to the aircraft.
The hydraulic stabilisers gives the vehicle a stability up to 40 knots wind velocity. The double scissors is made out of high-quality steel and ensures a lifting height of over 8 meters.
The large volume van body (length 8m) is designed as a „Sandwich-Construction”. At the side panels securing devices are installed to protect the load.
The front platform has a hydraulic transverse movement of approx. +/- 350 mm, in order to facilitate the positioning at the aircraft. The gateway width of the front platform of 1.450 mm offers sufficient place for the handling of the cabin parts. The hydraulic extension of the tongue is approx. 600 mm. The weather roof can be pushed out manually round about 1.400 mm and offers thus protection from rain and snow.
For loading and unloading the vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic tailgate lift which is fastened to the rear of the van body.
The FFG Seat Changing Lifting-Vehicle is certified by a third party and fulfils the requirements of the machine guideline 98/37.

Technical Data

Lifting height, front: 2.750 mm up to 8.100 mm
Lifting height, rear: 1.650 mm up to 8.100 mm
Payload up to 30 km/h: 2.300 kg
Payload up to 80 km/h: 1.200 kg
Vehicle dimension (LxWxH): approx. 10.400 x 2.550 x 3.970 mm
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