01/12/2006 • Automation

Rexroth IndraWorks - Transparency with FDT/DTM

Rexroth’s engineering suite, IndraWorks, offers significantly easier and faster engineering for all Rexroth system solutions. The modular and component-based software architecture differentiates between the open framework infrastructure and the actual tools. With the support of FDT technology, IndraWorks can be used simultaneously as a framework application for standardized integration of start-up tools for other manufacturers’ equipment via what are known as DTMs. That enables IndraWorks to become a vital tool for universal engineering providing consistent data management and open communication interfaces.

This differentiation between the framework infrastructure and the actual tools for planning programming or troubleshooting, for example, guarantees flexibility and scalability when integrating engineering tools into Rexroth IndraWorks. As with all its products and solutions, Rexroth only produce to internationally recognized standards and use open communication mechanisms. As well as the .NET Platform used in IndraWorks, FDT/DTM (Field Device Tool/Device Type Manager) is becoming increasingly recognized and established as an open standard for engineering. This technology enables the transparent integration of start-up tools (DTMs) for intuitive field units from other manufacturers within Rexroth's own innovation framework. In contrast to a GSD file (equipment master file), a DTM has the advantage of knowing all the equipment’s norms and also covers all user dialog as well as functions for configuration of the equipment and for trouble-shooting.
The FDT container which is integrated into IndraWorks corresponds to the V1.2 specification of the FDT group, and using IndraWorks' basic components it offers the necessary functionalities such as for example an equipment catalog, a tree structure view of the network as well as central data storage.
The user first installs the other manufacturers’ DTMs and these are then available in IndraWorks via the DTM catalog. By using Drag & Drop the required DTM of the field equipment to be integrated is incorporated into the planning tree and therefore onto IndraWorks’ desktop. The user has permanent access with one click of the mouse to parameters as well as to the configuration and trouble-shooting data of the field equipment, without needing to use any other software tools. The visualization of actual measured values and equipment status by means of the embedded dialog of the DTM within the framework is a further advantage. The equipment data are managed by IndraWorks’ central project management, saved in the user planning and archived as required.
For Rexroth, the standard FDT/DTM represents a further step in the engineering process towards rationalization and increased productivity for machine and plant constructors. At SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2005 Rexroth will present its engineering framework, IndraWorks, with a working demonstration of the FDT container functionality in Hall 7, Booth 7-450.
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