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Complete Luminometer Validation Solutions

Berthold Detection Systems provides complete validation solutions for today´s cGMP/GLP regulated laboratories. This includes reference light sources, evaluation software, and complete manuals for the performance and documentation of IQ/OQ/PQ validation.
The Berthold Detection Systems single tube and microplate luminometers are known for their exceptional performance and high reliability. These instruments are popular in many laboratories, including highly regulated pharmaceutical R&D labs and product QC labs. Berthold Detection Systems is pleased to offer sophisticated and proven validation tools for luminometers.
Stable Light Sources for Luminometers: Our TestTube for Single Tube Luminometers and the TestPlate for Microplate Luminometers are the ideal tools for the validation of luminometers.
IQ/OQ/PQ Documentation: The principle of qualifying laboratory equipment is established. However, every type of equipment requires specific Know-How. Having supported all types of luminometers in different laboratory environments for many years, Berthold Detection Systems is in a unique position to offer reliable guidance in regards to validation processes.The new IQ/OQ/PQ documentation packages reflect this: They include IQ/OQ/PQ procedures, guidelines for periodic maintenance, as well as several types of checklists, schedules and logbooks.
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