01/06/2006 • Video security and monitoring

Compact Feature Package

New Features
The DiREX-Pro possesses numerous new features although it is only insignificantly larger than the DiREX-20.40: in addition to the high video quality because of the MPEG-4 based compression, it comes with 4 video and 2 audio channels, a RS-232 and RS-485 interface as well as a dynamic data speed. This allows image quality to be constant at a data speed (0.6-140 kbit/s) that is dependant upon the movement level.

The DiREX-Pro digitalises, compresses and stores video signals on an internal 2.5-inch hard disk. It also allows recording on a RAID system with two 1.8-inch hard disks or even a flash drive. Access to recorded information and device control is achieved over a 10/100 Mbit Ethernet card by TCP/IP. The video signals are recorded in a highly compressed format based on MPEG-4 that was modified especially CCTV applications. Firmware is currently being planned so that the recorder can be configured for real-time wavelet compression.

Replay of recorded data and control of the DiREX-Pro can be carried out from any network PC by means of a standard internet browser. Replay from several recorders connected to a subnetwork is achieved in multi-stream mode. This allows several logged-in users to view each video stream live in its own joint window. Management of user lists with 3-level access protection is also provided.

High Functionality
The DiREX-Pro user interface offers high functionality and ease of use for professional as well as occasional users. A selection of the features: ring memory, adjustable motion/sound detector for each channel, powerful search options using time/date stamps or activity diagram for all channels, event-dependent and/or timer-controlled message by email, self-diagnosis and synchronisation from an external time server. Additionally, firmware updates that enhance recorder functionality can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. Users can then carry out the update themselves.

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