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Mikromanipulator M1 and HS6

Micromanipulator to the accurate position in the µ-range

Both manually and motor - in molecular biology and genetics.

The M1 is a compact micromanipulator for manual movement in three axes (X, Y, and Z). The scales mounted on its guide ways allow read off of the coarse adjustment with an accuracy of 0,1 mm. The additional fine adjustment is operated by turning the micrometer screw, the read off accuracy is 1/100 mm.

Since all control knobs are mounted in line on the rear (not on the side), a number of user friendly M1 manipulators can be set up right next to one another. For the purpose of avoiding that the Z-axis will descend when working with weighty loads (drift), there is an optional break (Z-axis stop) available.

HS 6 for manual positioning in 3 axes.
This micromanipulator distinguishes itself by its extremely solid construction and utmost precision.

There is a manual version of the micromanipulator HS 6, as well as a motorized two-axes, or three-axes model (one-axis on request only) with stepper motors.

The range of travel is 25 mm in all three axes. The tilting device mounted to the base plate of the manipulator also serves as coarse height adjustment.

The tool holder can be swiveled in any direction. In conjunction with the MCL controller steps as small as 0,01 μm are achieved. Only by means of minute small single steps a stepper motor will accomplish vibration-free, very smooth movement.

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