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Horizontal / two-dimensional Pipette-Puller for pulling glass capillaries and Pasteur pipettes

Our horizontal pipette Puller is particularly suitable for pulling point lengths of approx. 1-15 mm and a diameter of 15 µm to 0.7 µm and less. It is usable for capillary glass of 1 - 2 mm in diameter. Diameter of the points starting from 0.001 mm. The controller is now completely integrated into the equipment in this new version. As a special equipment there are also available carriages for Pasteur-Pipettes 150 mm long, with 2 adjustable limit switches.
Capillary extracting equipment in two dimensions suitably for pulling short points. From the force-led completion by gear wheels two identical points result when unique pulling. It can become strained a capillary glass with a diameter of 1-2 mm. Diameter of the points from 15µm to 0,7µm and less.

Puller SA-30
The extracting equipment PU-Sa-30 makes the production of micro pipettes possible. For this soft and hard glass tubes with outside diameter can be used by 0.8 to 3 mm. Other Puller on request. For example: David head, Sutter, etc.


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