Vehicle-Identification system "TRANSIT"

Nedap's AVI system, called TRANSIT, offers the ultimate in fast and secure long-range automatic vehicle and driver identification. The system features identification from distances up to 10 meters even when a vehicle is travelling at high speed.

The system can be configured to provide hands-free vehicle access to gated and secured areas without the need to come to stop and thereby reducing the chances of an assault on the occupants of a vehicle. The AVI system combines proximity card technology with new, enhanced features to better control and manage vehicle access in many different applications.

Typical uses include a fully integrated proximity vehicle and personnel security system using proximity employee badges in combination with the TRANSIT AVI technology to secure all areas of a facility.Benefits include the ability to substantially improve the level of security and operational efficiency when controlling access for vehicles which are commonly driven by many different drivers (e.g. buses, police, fire, and military vehicles).The system can be also used in such applications as airport and seaport security.
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