05/18/2004 • Machine safety, industrial safety

Frequency-selective RF field strength test system for safety analysis

Imagine a rooftop with several mobile radio systems and a TV transmitter nearby. How can you tell what each system is contributing to the overall field exposure level? When it comes to different areas such as occupational safety, the general public and the home, the relevant field levels can vary. Which field sources are at stake? What is the corresponding fieldstrength?

SRM-3000, the Selective Radiation Meter from Narda Safety Test Solutions, answers these questions, directly on site. With its triaxial probe, the SRM-3000 measures the electromagnetic field selectively, by service and frequency, regardless of where the radiation is coming from. You can view the results as a field strength or as a percent of the legal limit. It provides an immediate summary of all sources with their field strengths, right on the spot.

Narda's Selective Radiation Meter SRM-3000 is highly portable, battery-powered and immune to interference so you can take it with you wherever you go. It covers the frequency range of main interest from FM radio to 3rd generation mobile radio systems. The SRM evaluates the field strengths it measures in accordance with the applicable regulations, and delivers results as a field strength level or as a percent of the legal limit. No PC is required for this operation.
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