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Vacuum pump with high suction speed with low absolute pressures and long-term vacuum stability (vacuum-pump)

High suction speed with low absolute pressures and long-term vacuum stability – these are the outstanding performance traits of the new N 940 vacuum pump from KNF Neuberger. Its performance is a direct result of a patented diaphragm stabilization system that reduces differential pressure between the top and bottom of the diaphragm to virtually zero in the first two pump stages – across the pump’s entire performance range.

The pump achieves ultimate vacuum of lower than 1.5 mbar absolute and pumps up to 50 liters per minute. It exhibits high gas-tightness (leak rate: 6 x 10-3 mbar x liters/sec.), transfers gas without adding contamination, and works very quietly and with low vibration. The pump is ideal for use as a roughing pump in turbo-molecular pumping systems and in many other areas that require high suction speed with low ultimate pressure.

Two versions are available: a conventional alternating-current version and a version that automatically adjusts to voltage conditions around the world (90 to 264 Volt and 50 to 60 Hz). The latter version is avail-able with an optional adjustable flow rate. Flow rate is adjusted by means of a potentiometer or analog signal input.

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