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Ksenia Security: Energia

Ksenia Security: Consumption Management System

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Energia is a BUS peripheral designed to manage the power of single-phase electrical systems by measuring the electric consumption. Each Energia module has two distinct lines where voltage and current are supervised, both lines support up to 6kW loads. Two energy consumption thresholds can be programmed: when the first is exceeding, alerts are generated – and sent also via push notifications.

If the second threshold is exceeding, Energia generates the alert and starts to disconnect the loads according to the chosen sequence previously set. Each module has 4 relay outputs capable to drive external relays for disconnecting loads or used as control panel generic outputs. Energia fully complies with current policies and norms on energy efficiency, thanks to the electrical loads management and the energy consumption balance. The module is designed to collect the electrical system data and provides a visual representation through graphs showing consumption time trends.

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