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Hanwha Techwin Europe: Wisenet Retail Insight

Hanwha Techwin Europe: Business Intelligence Software Solution

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The Wisenet Retail Insight business intelligence software solution is designed to help retailers gain an understanding of customer behaviour by aggregating video analytics data captured by supporting Wisenet cameras and presenting insightful information in a convenient and effective way. The solution utilises people counting, heat mapping and queue management applications to display statistical analytics on a centralised dashboard, along with other practical information such as weather reports.

In addition to generating reports in a variety of formats, users are able to view real-time updates on a wide range of activity, including the number of store visitors on a particular time of day or accumulatively over a specified time. It is fully compatible with Wisenet P AI cameras, which in addition to Deep Learning AI analytics, utilise Wisenet AI algorithms that identify the attributes of objects or people, such as their age group, their gender or the colour of the clothing a person is wearing.

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