05/21/2021 • Access control and clocking • Building Security

iLoq: iLoq S50

iLoq: Mobile Access Management System

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iLoq S50 is the world’s first NFC self-powered lock cylinder. It generates the power for confirming access rights and opening from an NFC field created by a ‘key’ which can be either an Android or Apple smartphone running the iLoq S50 app. It is designed specifically for the utilities industry where there is a need to manage numerous sites and a vast number of locks simultaneously, and where a huge number of keys are in constant circulation.

Access rights to all locks are shared and managed with a cloud-based, highly intelligent, user-friendly software platform. iLoq S50 helps keep track of who has access to what with features like time-restricted access, instant granting and revoking of access rights and real-time audit trail reports.

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