05/20/2021 • Video security and monitoring

Hanwha Techwin: Wisenet P Series

Hanwha Techwin: AI Cameras

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Wisenet P Series ultra-high definition 4K AI cameras are equipped with license-free deep learning video analytics which simultaneously detects and classifies various object types, including people, vehicles, faces and license plates and is supported by Wisenet AI algorithms.

Unique to Hanwha Techwin, the algorithms identify the attributes of objects or people, such as their age group, their gender or the colour of the clothing a person is wearing. The attributes are saved as metadata alongside the images captured by the new Wisenet P Series AI cameras, enabling users to quickly search for specific objects or incidents.

The algorithms are even able to recognise if a person is wearing glasses or is holding a bag. The cameras have a BestShot feature which selects the best image captured of a person or object, and only send these together with the associated metadata to a storage server.

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