05/20/2021 • Fire prevention • Machine safety, industrial safety

Honeywell Novar: Li-Ion Tamer

Honeywell Novar: Battery Failure Warning

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Li-Ion Tamer provide warning of outgassing events, well before smoke detection, and total thermal failure of the cell. This early warning from allows appropriate mitigation measures to be taken to prevent progression to catastrophic total thermal failure. The consequences of such a failure would be incalculable and could even lead to the total loss of entire facilities or even buildings.

Traditional Li-ion battery monitoring methods, such as smoke detection, would provide an indication of Li-ion battery failure once the failure has progressed to smoke. Outgassing event monitoring, on the other hand, would indicate at the first sign of battery failure that the cell's pressure relief valve is bursting and releasing pressure from the cell.

Outgassing event monitoring can provide up to thirty minutes earlier warning than smoke detection. These minutes gained through early detection can help prevent catastrophic battery failures.

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