06/29/2020 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Cubert: Hyperspectral Camera ULTRIS 20

Hyperspectral imaging plays a major role in many diverse application fields, especially in machine vision, biomedical imaging or precision farming. However, conventional spectral scanners are limited to capture randomly changing processes in time and space. A spectral video imager provides a superior approach. Our imaging technology combines a high resolution, small size and high-speed chemical imaging. The high acquisition speed as well as the data quality form the basic requirements for true video spectroscopy. This allows the supervision and analysis of time-critical processes in real- time. Chemometric models and machine learning algorithms clearly benefit when fed with real-time image spectra.

Innovation: The ULTRIS 20 has a native resolution of 400x400 pixels, resulting in an unparalleled 160,000 image spectra, each with 100 spectral bands covering 450-850 nm, taken in a few milliseconds. No scanning is needed to take a full hyperspectral data cube. Our spectral camera captures random movements and targets without using rotation stages or any moving parts. Industrial situations often compass an array of changes such as motions, actions or processes. Cubert can image those events with high spectral resolution in real time. Machine vision and inspections are more easily and accurately applied to industrial processes using video spectroscopy.

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