06/29/2020 • Automation • Image processing / Optical metrology

3D Infotech: Vision-Software Streamline

Custom projects are slow to deploy and generate highly specific results with minimal use or value upon further interrogation (root cause analysis). The challenges and the opportunities posed demand a robust integration of robotics and metrology. Both leading OEMs and growing organizations are benefiting from Universal Metrology Automation® today.

Streamline is the only automation software solution available that delivers a universal solution capable of supporting any 2D vision or 3D scanner along with any combination of industrial or collaborative robotics. Streamline allows end-users to have complete control of their process and democratizes the implementation of robotic 3D measurement (automated quality control).

Innovation: Streamline is a digital Industry 4.0 hub that allows seamless deployment of the following:

3D scanners of any type/brand

2D machine vision cameras

1D sensors of any type/brand

Optical or laser position trackers

Industrial and Collaborative Robots

Linear and rotary motion control

Plug-n-play upgrades including with Augmented Reality Programmable Logic Controllers Open scripting and database integration Open plug-in architecture that allows independent innovation Adaptive manufacturing (on-the-fly CNC optimization) Rapid deployment with standardized products based upon most common use-cases Straight forward integration into complex manufacturing cells Can be easily reassigned to changing requirements or entirely new product lines

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