06/29/2020 • Automation

Werth Messtechnik: Computed Tomograph TomoScope XS FOV

At the price of conventional 3D coordinate measuring machines Werth Messtechnik now offers computed tomography with the third model in its powerful and compact TomoScope XS family. The TomoScope XS FOV is, thanks to a field-of-view (FOV) measuring range of approximately 120 mm, a 6-megapixel detector, and the fast on-the-fly operation ideal for measuring plastic parts and other components. The TomoScope® XS FOV is fully automated, the operator simply positions the workpieces on the rotary table and starts the measurement. It is practically maintenance-free and keeps downtime to an absolute minimum. Short measuring times make the TomoScope XS FOV ideal for inline and atline applications in production.

Innovation: Coordinate measuring technology with computed tomography, fully automated operation, and pricing similar to conventional (less capable) 3D coordinate measuring machines.


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