06/29/2020 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Panasonic: OEM camera 4K 4MOS

Panasonic's 4K 4MOS camera solution supports medical professionals with surgical procedures by providing accurate superimposition of visible and IR images in 4K Ultra HD quality. In combination with a series of other components, OEM manufacturers of microscopy and endoscopy devices can offer medical professionals a whole new level of quality when it comes to visualization in operations – in particular of tiny critical details.

Innovation: By injecting ICG/fluorescent liquid into the patient’s body, the 4K 4MOS camera can for instance visualize areas affected by a tumor or anatomical structures, perfusion, perfusion defects and the lymphatic system. Thanks to the 4MOS sensor, a camera of this kind can generate superimposed 4K RGB and IR images in real-time (60fps) without compromising the frame rate. Panasonic holds a patent on this technology.

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