06/25/2020 • Metrology

Isra Vision: 3D Sensor X-GAGE3D

X-GAGE3D is a highly accurate 3D sensor in a compact and robust housing design. It is characterized by its four high-resolution 5MP cameras and its bright pattern-projector. The sensor also features ambient component lighting. The optical design uncompromisingly performs even Scheimpflug compensations to achieve high measuring accuracy in the micrometer range at a measuring distance of 140mm-240mm. The calculation and evaluation of the 3D data is processed directly on the integrated, powerful embedded vision technology. The recording including calculation and sending of the data takes less than 1 sec. Industrial GiGE and power connections connect the sensor to the external interfaces.

Innovation: The newly developed 3D metrology process is based on the projection of a specific pattern sequence and equally evaluating all images from the 4 camera viewing angles. The 4-camera technology with the specific pattern-projector enables the measurement of metallic surfaces with accuracies that could previously only be achieved with sprayed surfaces. The system cannot even be disrupted by total reflections from metallic surfaces in one or two cameras. A redundant point measurement also allows on-the-fly self-monitoring of the system. Each scan is automatically marked with a quality level that evaluates the quality of the image.

The improved scanning procedure uses the complete information in of the camera images. Even small contrasts still provide additional information that is used for the measurement. This makes it possible to measure deep black or black and white surfaces in one image. With X-GAGE3D, complex parameter settings are not necessary. Ambient light can rarely disturb the X-GAGE3D.

By integrating the powerful embedded vision technology and direct data transfer from the cameras via fast internal interfaces, the enormous data volume of the image sequences from all cameras can be processed into a single 3D scan in the shortest possible time. The acquisition, processing and transfer of the high-resolution data takes less than 1 second in total. If the acquisition of only one AOI is desired, the time required is correspondingly faster. In case the data is not processed directly on the sensor itself, the data is transmitted to the external via a GiGE connection, which allows fast data transmission over long cable lengths. An industrial power supply and an OPC-UA interface complement the hardware interfaces in terms of Industry 4.0.

The compact sensor housing, only 70 mm high, provides maximal protection for the internal components in rugged environments. The fanless, vibration-resistant design allows the sensor to be used as a robot-guided measuring head. The light weight also permits the use on cobots. Selected materials and sophisticated mechanical design protect the sensor against changes in ambient temperature.  A factory-supplied temperature calibration ensures highest accuracy over wide temperature ranges.

Measuring fields, working distance and coordinate systems are absolutely identical for all X-GAGE3D due to appropriate calibration measures. All sensor-specific parameters are managed directly within the smart sensor itself. A potential sensor exchange is possible in a very short time and without any difficulties.

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