06/25/2020 • Automation

IDS: All-in-one Inference Camera Solution IDS NXT ocean

With the all-in-one solution IDS NXT ocean, users can create their own inference camera. It has thus the ability to apply "knowledge" acquired through deep learning to new data. It takes only a few steps to the finished working inference camera: To upload sample images, to label the images and then to start the fully automatic training. The generated neural network can then be executed directly on the IDS NXT industrial cameras, turning them into powerful inference cameras. The AI is immediately ready for the specific image processing application. The artificial intelligence that an IDS NXT camera uses does not require any classical programming or predefined rules but only the expertise of the user.

Innovation: Image processing with AI is a new approach that is fundamentally different from classical image processing. Vision tasks that involve highly varying objects – such as inspecting fruits with damaged spots or color deviations – don’t need to be programmed in a time-consuming and thus expensive manner anymore, but can be quickly solved by neural networks. They not only learn independently which image characteristics are important, but are also able to draw the right conclusion, even when they are applied to new image data. But creating neural networks from scratch and installing them on programmable cameras is usually complex and costly.

IDS NXT ocean offers users a simple and cost-effective alternative: the all-in-one system requires absolutely no specialist knowledge in deep learning or camera programming, but on the same time provides the greatest possible autonomy in creating individual AI-based vision applications which can be executed on IDS NXT cameras.

The all-in-one system includes e.g. industrial-grade camera hardware with a powerful AI core and an intuitive usable training software. The software is designed in a way that even non-experts are able to train an AI classifier with their own image data. Since it is cloud-based, all functions and the necessary infrastructure for creating an individual neural network are directly accessible and always up-to-date. This means that users do not have to set up their own development environment, but can start training their neural network right away. Users only need sample images and knowledge regarding their evaluation (e.g. "good" / "bad") to create a neural network. This means that deep learning-based image processing for individual applications can now be realized in a very short time by literally anybody.

IDS NXT ocean supports the user right from the first steps with the new technology. The concept thus goes far beyond the performance range of a single intelligent camera. It is based on three important components:

    An easy to use training software to create neural networks (IDS NXT lighthouse)

    and an intelligent camera platform (IDS NXT industrial cameras with different sensors and protection classes)

    including a powerful camera firmware with AI accelerator that executes the neural networks directly on the devices.

The components have been developed directly by IDS - thus, camera hardware, software, infrastructure, knowledge and support are developed and provided by a single supplier. This holistic approach makes IDS NXT ocean a unique solution in the vision market. The ease of use also lowers the entry barrier for users with no prior knowledge. Camera hardware and software as well as accessories are available completely via IDS NXT ocean design-in kit.


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