06/25/2020 • Automation

Edmund Optics: 1.1 inch Liquid Lens Series

Edmund Optics (EO) launches a family product line of fixed focal length lenses for 1.1“ sensor formats with integrated liquid lenses. In the first step, focal lengths of 12 mm, 16 mm and 25 mm will be available.

Liquid lenses are one of the hot topics when it comes to innovative optics for the Imaging and Machine Vision market. However, using them in combination with large sensors was not possible: their small size leads to vignetting, preventing the light from reaching the corners of the sensor. EO addresses this untouched application space with the first family product line of fixed focal length lenses. All individual lenses follow a consistent opto-mechanical concept and are designed from scratch, ensuring the high optical performance needed for high-resolution 1.1” sensors. Based on Optotune´s liquid lenses, the optics can be focused within a wide range of working distances without any mechanical focus. Embedding the liquid lens within the imaging optics allows for fast F-number designs up to F/2,8. Thanks to a thought-through mechanical design, slower F-numbers can also be quickly supplied on demand.

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