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Beschreibung: The B&R vision solution is seamless incorporated in the automation system. Cameras, intelligent image processing algorithms & lighting portfolio are an integral part of the control system. Options at the lower end will replace simple machine vision sensors, while the top of the range will harness the potential of high-end smart cameras. Easy-to-configure machine vision functions for creating applications with minimal programming. Lighting elements are available integrated in the camera or as an external device and are synchronized with image capture. The ensures that even rapidly moving objects are illuminated with maximum precision and strobe intensity. Bright/dark-field illumination can be implemented through simple configuration.

Innovation: The B&R vision system is seamlessly integrated into the automation system and forms a complete portfolio of cameras, lenses, lighting and software. The camera is connected to the machine network and automatically receives all required settings from the control. The optimal coordination and integration into the overall system reduces the time required from several days to a few hours. In addition, products can be recorded in rapid motion at the right time in the exact position with the highest image sharpness. The adaptive adaptability to individual products enables reliable evaluation with high image quality.

Fully flexible: If desired and enabled in the user management system, all variables and parameters can also be adjusted in real time during operation. It's also possible to add new models for object recognition or code types and other search criteria at runtime. Both camera types feature multi-core processors and integrated FPGA image preprocessing. This enables sophisticated functions such as text recognition based on deep learning algorithms.

Optimum image quality: Each hardware variant can be equipped with one of three image sensors, ranging from 1.3 to 5 megapixels. All three sensors are characterized by their large pixel size and the resulting high light sensitivity and low noise. This guarantees optimum image quality – even in high-speed applications.

Housing variants are available with either an integrated lens and electronic focus adjustment or with a standard C mount. The C mount supports lenses from B&R or third parties, such as telecentric lenses.

One cable is all you need: Integrated into the machine network via an M12 hybrid connector, which also supplies the necessary 24 VDC power, the camera needs only a single cable. A second hybrid connection enables daisy-chain cabling with lighting elements.

Factory calibration: B&R calibrates all lighting elements and optical systems – consisting of lens and sensor – prior to delivery. As a result, there are no parameter or programming changes required when devices are exchanged in the field. This also accelerates commissioning times for series-built machines.

Intelligent lighting: Lighting elements are available integrated in the camera, as an external device, or even as a combination of the two. Extremely precise synchronization for high-speed image capture and object-specific functions such as bright-field or dark-field illumination are easy to implement. Image triggers and lighting control can be synchronized with the rest of the automation system in hard real time and with sub-microsecond precision.

B&R's machine vision system is integrated on every level: The engineering tool, the real-time operating system and the application software. With a single development environment for every aspect of automation, controls engineers will now be able to implement many machine vision tasks on their own.

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