03/13/2003 • Machine safety, industrial safety

Personal monitors for high-frequency electromagnetic fields

Nardalert XT and RadMan XT, the personal monitors from Narda Safety Test Solutions, provide warnings wherever people can be in danger from electromagnetic fields, in particular in the following areas:
  • Telecommunications
  • Broadcasting
  • Industry
  • Military
  • Air traffic control
Nardalert XT and RadMan XT are available in "ELF immune" versions for use in close proximity to high voltage 50/60 Hz utility power lines.

Personal monitors are worn on the body. They will provide you with reliable warnings if threshold values are exceeded: Audible, visible, and physical (Nardalert). There are no functions that require expert knowledge. Switch it on and wear it. For Nardalert XT or RadMan XT should be worn by all individals who work in areas where there is a potential for exposure to significant electromagnetic field levels. This includes people
  • who are responsible for everyday operations
  • who provide services (painters, cleaners, HVAC or elevator repair, etc.)
  • who inspect or visit industrial facilities
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