05/24/2020 • IT Security / Cyber Security • Machine safety, industrial safety

Moxa Europe: Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Moxa Europe: Cyber Security Solution for OT and IT

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Moxa’s industrial IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) features OT-centric Deep Packet Inspection technology, enhances IT network security visibility, and ultimately helps mitigate risks and protect industrial networks from security threats. Deep Packet Inspection can identify multiple industrial protocols and allow or block specific functions, such as read or write access. Based on the identified protocol, the industrial IPS can then prevent any unauthorized protocols or functions. This way, you can be more confident that the traffic on your industrial networks is trusted and non-malicious. In addition, Moxa’s industrial IPS provides virtual patching of vulnerabilities for operating systems, application software, and industrial equipment such as PLCs. By effectively integrating OT and IT technologies, Moxa’s industrial IPS safeguards your critical assets from the latest cybersecurity threats.

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