04/15/2020 • Building Security

Are the contents of your office confidential, valuable or private? You can protect them cost-effectively with a Code Handle® lock

London, April 2020 — Not everyone should have free access to the most sensitive offices in your workplace. You should be able to grab a coffee without worrying who can get hold of the laptop or handbag you left inside. Suited to office doors of any kind, the Code Handle® digital PIN lock was designed to keep your stuff safe and private.

Code Handle is a locking handle with a built-in digital PIN keypad. It gives you peace of mind for your office security without the expense and hassle of installing an access control system, or any need to keep track of keys.

Code Handle looks good, too: ASSA ABLOY’s award-winning expertise in handle design has created a locking device that is slim, sleek and attractive. Its brushed steel and chrome exterior looks just like any stylish door handle — and complements the interior of almost any office building.

Installing your new Code Handle is easy, with no wires, no specialist tools, and no drilling. Two screws attach your Code Handle to almost any interior door up to 80 mm thick. You can even keep your existing door cylinder. If you have an access control or alarm system protecting the main entrance, a Code Handle works alongside it without software to integrate or cabling to run.

Two standard batteries slot inside and typically last for 30,000 lock/unlock cycles. A visual indicator tells you when it is time to replace them. Code Handle is tested for at least 100,000 use cycles, as well as fire certified (EN 1363). It always allows simple, code-free exit from the inside.

It is just as simple to get your new Code Handle ready to use. On installation, you set a Master Code and can issue up to 9 different user PINs (4 to 6 digits) — ideal if an office junior or assistant needs regular access to your private office.

Users press their PIN code on the handle’s keypad and the door unlocks. Close the door when you leave your office and Code Handle locks automatically behind you. The belongings you left on your desk are safe. You can enjoy your morning coffee in peace.

To learn more about Code Handle, visit https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/codehandle

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