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Intuitive, automates vacuum process, saves time – Vacuubrand Varioselect pumping unit

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Vacuum is required in many chemical processes, as sensitive sample materials cannot be heated to any desired temperature. Pressure is often the decisive control variable for gentle and time-saving process control without causing sample degradation. To ensure that the correct vacuum process settings can be made as quickly and easily as possible, all Vacuubrand pumping units are equipped with the new Vacuu·Select vacuum controller.

The user interface is specifically designed for lab applications. Predefined vacuum processes are available for all common applications, such as rotary evaporators, vacuum drying cabinets or centrifugal concentrators. The user does not have to deal with an unnecessary number of settings. Instead, the relevant parameters for his process are displayed and can be adjusted as required. Process control (e.g. evaporation at the rotary evaporator) is performed automatically at the push of a button. The user can focus on his research and does not have to continuously monitor the individual steps. Recurring, user-specific vacuum processes can be stored in the favorites menu and are immediately ready to be used at any time. This simplifies work, saves time and ensures reproducible processes and results.

The touch screen display works perfectly even with thick safety laboratory gloves and is based on modern smartphone design, and enhanced to withstand the aggressive chemicals found in modern labs. The intuitive navigation allows immediate use of the vacuum pump without lengthy instruction. Context-related information on applications and settings can be accessed directly via the integrated help function. Users can virtually forget about the vacuum process and devote their attention to other tasks.

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