Easy App

App For The Administration Of Cylinders And To Open Doors

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Easy App by Wilka is a mobile app for the administration of electronic cylinders to open doors without key, just with the mobile phone. The manufacturer sees the innovation in the combination with the keys, the cylinders and the characteristics of the overall system: manipulation protection through 3-factor authentication with session keys based on AES 128 Sitzungsschlüsseln, die auf der encryption; water resistant electronic cylinder, modular, extendable; works without cloud connection and wlan network communication; mobile phones and ident media can be used as a key; emergency operation possible even if the smartphone is lost.

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WILKA Schließtechnik GmbH

Mettmanner Straße 56 - 64
42549 Velbert

Phone: +49 (0) 20 51/20 81-109
Fax: +49 (0) 20 51/20 81-151

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