Lupus Mobile Smoke Detector

Mobile Smoke Detector

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Lupus Electronics has developed a simple and efficient world first – a smart mobile smoke detector, connected directly to the narrowband network of Deutsche Telekom and networked with the Lupus Cloud. The smoke detector complies with DIN 14676-1, Method C, works remotely and completely self-sufficient, which means no gateway or router is necessary and still has all the advantages of a smart mobile smoke detector. Thanks to the built-in SIM card, the smoke detector can be used anywhere and the number of interconnected devices is infinitely scalable. With 10 years of battery life, users are safe and carefree for a long time.

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LUPUS-Electronics GmbH

Otto-Hahn-Straße 12
76829 Landau i.d.Pfalz

Phone: 03030645480
Fax: 0306454899

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