05/24/2019 • Automation


Automated In-Line X-ray System

The XRHRobotPipe is a fully automated system to inspect welded air ducts in a non-destructive (NDT) way. The titanium welds have to be fully inspected according to aerospace regulations to find inner defects like porosities. The system autoatically recognizes the parts and performs the inspection without operator intervention. To achieve this VisiConsult used a variety of high-end vision components and industrial robots. Complying to demanding aerospace regulations the system is fully integrated in the customers production line. This allows to cut back the cycle time by factor ten. A system of this complexity and efficiency has never been seen in X-ray inspection before and provides a glimpse in the future of manfucaturing - Industry 4.0. The combination of vision components, robotics and X-ray inspection is a world novelty. The dual robot approach allows for high flexibility and process safety. An underlying artificial intelligence software developed by VisiConsult archives all the images to allow future automated image interpretation using AI. The system could also perform ROI Computed Tomography (CT) scans if required.

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