05/23/2019 • Automation

SWIR Illumination

High-Power SWIR Illumination

Effilux’s SWIR H.O.P. (High Optical Power) Technology is a powerful type of light source based on a proprietary material that emits SWIR light. It is designed to deliver high output power and the intensity achieved is 10 times greater than the standard SWIR LEDs in the market, making it possible to reveal invisible phenomena to SWIR cameras that usual LED systems could not. The H.O.P. technology retains all the advantages of LEDs compared to halogen or laser sources, with a huge improvement in power and the flexibility to create both highly focused SWIR beams as well as large area uniform SWIR illumination. In fact, one “chip” of the H.O.P. technology emits a luminous flux comparable to a 50W halogen source.

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