05/23/2019 • Image processing / Optical metrology

APS-C sensors

Lenses for APS-C-Sensors

The CA lens series is designed for the new APS-C sensors by Sony (31 MP) and e2v (67 MP). As a unique feature they offer a TFL-mount. The CA lens series is designed for the new APS-C sensor format with 28 mm diagonal. As a special highlight, they feature a TFL-mount. With an M35 x 0.75 thread and a flange focal distance of 17.526 mm, it can be considered as the big brother of the well-established C-mount for smaller sensor formats. Compared to other lens mounts, the TFL offers the following advantages: Especially when compared to the F-mount, the threaded TFL-mount is significantly more robust and stable, making it more suitable for industrial applications.

Also, TFL-mounts allow for designing more compact lenses when compared to F- or M42-mounts, which can also be used for large full frame sensors with 43.3 mm diagonal. Last, the TFL-mount is standardized by the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA). This enables system designers and integrators to use and combine components from multiple suppliers, without comparing technical details.

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