05/23/2019 • Image processing / Optical metrology

3D in full stereo HD

Digital Stereoscopic 3D-Display

A glasses-free, stereoscopic digital display system which enables you to see subjects in true 3D in full stereo HD resolution with outstanding depth perception. Essential for users who need 3 dimensional visualisation without the constraints and issues of VR headsets. It is a patented technology and unique and there is no equivalent headgear or barrier free system currently on the market. The technology behind the system is called TriTeQ³ and is a unique, advanced digital stereo image presentation which provides fully interactive, real time, natural 3D visualisation. Innovation: It is the worldwide first true stereo digital 3D viewer. There is no other glasses-free system on the market! Besides the numerous ergonomic advantages of Vision Engineering’s eyepiece-less microscopes, the DRV-Z1 offers users the first wide screen 3D digital display of subjects. It offers customers the opportunity to remotely view subjects on a second DRV where the remote viewer will see the same 3D image as the local user. This is ideal and increasingly valuable for feedback/communication up and down the supply chain.

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