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Wireless Real-Time Communication

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EchoRing is a wireless software technology designed for applications that require simultaneously time-critical performance and high robustness (1 lost packet every 100 million sent packets). Based on extensive research and the introduction of massive cooperation, EchoRing enables deterministic and real-time wireless communications (down to 1ms) with a cable-like performance. Applied on standard hardware, EchoRing is cost-effective and highly flexible. The EchoRing Evaluation Kit is the first product of R3 Communications based on the EchoRing technology. It has been designed to test the technology under real industrial conditions floor. The EchoRing approach is based on a logical token ring method. The token is also used to determine crucial information about the wireless channel. Since the token passes through each communication station of the network, the information of the channel's state is distributed among all the stations. Based on this complete knowledge of the channel, the system chooses a perfect support (or "buddy") station for any necessary repetition of the transmission in case of failure - this technique based on spatial diversity is alled "massive cooperation". The implementation of the purely Software based approach is possible on existing standard hardware.


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