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acA3088-16gm/gc, acA4024-9gm/gc, acA3088-57um/uc, acA4024-29um/uc

Basler ace U cameras - QE over 80% - for low light applications

The new Basler ace U models feature resolutions of 6 and 12 megapixels, are equipped with the IMX178 and IMX226 sensors from Sony’s STARVIS line and deliver up to 59 fps.

These new models are the first Basler cameras to feature innovative back-illuminated rolling shutter CMOS sensors. They stand out with their extremely high sensitivity at small pixel sizes of 2.4 µm (IMX178) or 1.85 µm (IMX226). A special aspect of these sensors is the very low dark noise of only three electrons, combined with a quantum efficiency of over 80%. With these particularly light-sensitive sensors, the eight new ace U cameras deliver high image quality even in low light conditions. They also offer an excellent price/performance ratio. This makes the new ace U cameras particularly suitable for applications in the area of manual light or fluorescence microscopy as well as in the electronics industry for less complex assembly systems.

All new ace U models are available with the proven GigE or USB 3.0 interface, and conform to GigE Vision 2.0 or the USB3 Vision standard. The GigE models excel with high-performance GigE Vision 2.0 features such as PTP. The ace U color models also include the PGI feature set, the unique combination of 5x5 debayering, color-anti-aliasing, denoising and improved sharpness.

Basler ace U - GigE-Vision Cameras
acA3088-16gm/gc: 3088x2064 Pixel, 16 fps
acA4024-8gm/gc: 4024x3036 Pixel, 8 fps

Basler ace U - USB3 Vision Cameras
acA3088-57um/uc: 3088x2064 Pixel, 59 fps
acA4024-29um/uc: 4024x3036 Pixel, 31 fps

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