NeuroKom IP stations

Serverless school emergeny call systems via NeuroKom IP stations

Gehrke serverless emergency call systems provide a safe and reliable communication platform for school routine but also in extreme situations. The neuronal, intelligent intercoms comply with the standard DIN VDE V 0827 for emergency and danger systems.  They are easy to use and due to SIP compatibily easy to integrate VoIP servers and SIP telephones.

The focus is on simple handling concerning setup, administration and extension of the system. The installers or operators are able to put the call stations into operation and if needed to adapt it to new requirements. An additional wiring is not necessary as the network connector on site can be used for the connection of the intercom station.

Public address and announcements,In school operation the NeuroKom IP systems can perform a multitude of tasks, e.g. primarly for announcements, messages, group and conference calls, music background or interval signal or public address. In critical situations they act as information, alarm and emergency call stations or lift emergency call system according to EN 81. Other functions are door communication and door control, access control at security restricted areas and the management of building systems.

The next step n emergency situations ist the emergency call triggering with situational instructions and forwarding of the alarm messages to police or rescue forces.


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