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Guard Tour Patrol System

SequriX is a guard tour patrol system that allows security companies digitize their alarm response process, mobile patrol and reception services. In a back-office system they manage all data on objects, customers and contracts. In addition they can easily offer their customers reports and invoices, if preferred completely automated. Security officers use a smartphone on which they record findings and thanks to the unique interface with Alarm Receiving Centres they digitally receive alarms and respond to them efficiently. In the customer portal customers have easy insight into planned tasks and carried out activities.

Where other solutions only support a part of the process, SequriX supports all processes of security companies; from scheduling duties to the reporting from security officers on location and the reporting and billing to customers. Alarms are sent digitally to the SequriX software, which determines, based on factors such as type of alarm and GPS location, which security officer can best respond to the alarm. The officer receives the notification on his/her smartphone and in a blink they have access to all the instructions needed to follow up the alarm message. The officer then registers his findings digitally. The report is sent to the ARC and findings can be seen directly in the back-office system.

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