06/01/2017 • Fire prevention

Fire Dampers

Integrated Fire Dampers

A fire panel bearing a new functionality may now replace a fire damper control panel: control modules integrated in the field bus of the fire system allow control and test runs of fire dampers. This technical solution also works properly in case of line break or short circuit and is EN 54-approved. Reduction of line network does not only save costs but also decreases fire load of a building – the more lines the higher the fire load.

On the other hand you gain more flexibility: as lines of the fire system are usually all over the building supplementary installed fire dampers may be integrated and controlled very easily. Using the new functionality of the fire control panel the interface between the fire detection system and the operation of fire dampers is omitted. Both subsections are operated by the same control panel and share the same cable network in order to operate the peripherical devices. Additionally the reduction of lines contributes to the decrease of fire load.

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