06/01/2017 • Fire prevention

Close Motion

Technology for Door Closers

Close Motion is a new door closer technology that guarantees that doors close quickly and virtually silently. In hotels, offices, schools or hospitals, doors fitted with door closers often cause disruptive closing noises.

It was developed for doors where the closing function is essential due to their function, e.g. smoke protection and fire doors. Close Motion is integrated in the door closer housing and guarantees optimal damping when the door closes. The door is also pulled closed securely, including against the seal pressure. On many doors, the setting for secure closing is often so forceful that the door causes high levels of noise when closing.

To solve this problem and to combine closing comfort with increased sealing or noise protection requirements, additional components were required in the past. Close Motion integrates the function in the door closer housing which means that it can be coordinated between the door closer and closing function. The integration of the elements and the associated system check enable versatile use, including on mandated doors.

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