06/01/2017 • Fire prevention

Prymos Combined Fire Protection

Fire Extinguishing Spray and PM10 DIN EN 3 Fire Extinguisher

When a fire starts, every second counts. That is why this fire extinguishing spray, always at hand and intuitive to use, as well as providing distribution across a wide area, is a good alternative to the conventional fire extinguishers that weigh in at up to 20 kg. As a backup, especially for use by trained firefighters, it is also wise to have a larger fire extinguisher at the ready.

That is why Prymos, in addition to its fire extinguishing spray, also offers fire extinguishers made from non-corrosive composite materials such as Kevlar and HDPE, including gas and vapour barriers. The advantage? These Prymos PM10 extinguishers manage for ten years without maintenance, making them a significant cost-saver. Prymos Combined Fire Protection meets the requirements of ASR A2.2 (technical regulations for workplaces) and of the new German Operational Safety Ordinance, which means that it complies with the essential standards and regulations in all its professionally designed variants.

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