06/01/2017 • Building Security

Geze Cockpit

Building Automation System

True smart buildings are complete, safe and efficient only when windows and doors are included. With Geze Cockpit, all automated Geze products from the areas of door, window and safety technology and from associated products can be controlled and monitored precisely from a distance.

Three software packages are available: Geze Cockpit Basic allows the integration in a higher-ranking building management system. The system can be used for independent building automation with Geze Cockpit Visu and Visu+. The networked products are visualised, each of their status can be recognised and changed at any time independent of the place. A monitoring of all products can be ensured without visual inspection, e.g. through an email notification service. Through the use of open standard BACnet, Geze Cockpit offers a significantly better network base, ensures a networking across product categories and is therefore extremely compatible in the market. Contrary to the proprietary systems, an approach independent from the manufacturer is feasible any time.

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