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High Performance Spectrometers for Raman, VIS/NIR & FL

High Performance Spectrometers for Raman, VIS/NIR & FL

Wasatch Photonics designs and manufactures high throughput fiber-coupled and free space spectrometers and systems, delivering the best price to performance on the market, particularly for applications requiring high speed and sensitivity. The compact, high efficiency spectrometer design is an innovative, very low f/# optical bench using their own VPH gratings. Wasatch Photonics also offer perfectly matched accessories to optimize your laboratory system or OEM design.

Raman Spectrometers: Fiber coupled and free-space spectrometers, probes and integrated laser systems for more excitation wavelengths than anywhere else: 405, 532, 638, 785, 830, 1064, and 1550 nm. Let the expertise and testing determine the optimal wavelength for your sample.

VIS and NIR Spectrometers: High efficiency spectrometers spanning 400-2500 nm, ideal for low light applications. The systems enable high data collection rates for kinetics monitoring and high-throughput quality control.

Fluorescence Spectrometers: Spectrometers and systems designed to capture and keep more photons for better S:N at the sample, resulting in incredibly low limits of detection for biological studies, photoluminescence, and NIR studies. 

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