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PTR-TOF 4000 - Trace Gas Analyzer

Trace Gas Analyzer

Ionicon Analytik’s PTR-TOF 4000 ist now featuring the hexapole “Ion-Guidetechnology, and a particularly high-resolution TOF.

This results in a mass resolution of up to 4000 m/Δm, and a sensitivity of 200 cps/ppbv with a low detection limit of below 5 pptv. Prototypes of the instrument have been extensively tested in the field. A long-standing cooperation with Innsbruck University enables the Company to participate in airborne campaigns aboard NASA’s atmospheric research aircrafts for measuring air pollution in the atmosphere (e.g. Korus-AQ). The instrument could thus be tested under the most demanding conditions and could also benefit from the scientists’ experience when optimizing the performance of the manufacturer’s trace VOC analyzers.

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