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Freestyle Thermelute - Automated Detection

Automated Mycotoxin Detection

LCTech’s robotic system Freestyle Thermelute enables fully automated sample preparation and analysis of the mycotoxins Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2, M1 as well as Ochratoxin A and Zearalenone in all regulated matrices.

With its direct connection to a HPLC system a sample throughput of more than 500 samples per week is possible. The process is done without any manual working steps from extract to the ready chromatogram. The system is processing immunoaffinity columns with a size of only 3.5 cm, which in turn considerably reduces the processing time as well as the amount of sample and solvent. The clean-up step itself is performed via thermal denaturation. Sensitivity is increased, because losses through evaporation or adsorption effects are excluded, the complete eluate is injected, and the adjustment to the HPLC mobile phase is omitted.

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