03/01/2017 • Laboratory installation / Services • Microscopy / Imaging

UV Longpass Filter

Optical Grade UV Cut-off Filters

Edmund Optics (EO) has added UV Longpass Filters to their line of offthe-shelf filters.

They feature a UV Fused Silica substrate, transmitted wavefront of ë/4 and a surface quality of 40-20. They may be used in combination with other longpass and bandpass filters for easy system compatibility. The filters transmit in a wavelength range from 200 - 1650 nm to accommodate a wide variety of applications, including biomedical applications, imaging applications, and inspection applications. They block UV light from damaging sensitive materials, or allow the transmittance of fluorescence light, while blocking a probe beam. Anti-reflective (AR) coating ensures high level transmission (> 91%) and reduced reflection in the VIS and NIR spectra.

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