03/01/2017 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

Omnis Liquid Adapter

Safe Wet Chemical Analysis

Metrohm’s Omnis Liquid Adapter is designed to make wet chemical analysis safer and more reliable.

Exposure to chemicals during reagent exchange is a potential hazard to the health of laboratory workers, especially when removing aspiration tubes from bottles with toxic content. The adapter is snapped onto a corresponding bottle cap that is part of the reagent bottle. As soon as this liquid adapter is connected to the bottle cap, reagent from the bottle can be aspirated by the system and the analysis can be started. Artificial intelligence further enhances this system enabling unambiguous identification and monitoring of the reagent at all times. To this end, the bottle cap contains an RFID chip with complete information about the content of the bottle. Upon connection to the adapter, the system identifies the reagent and checks it against the specifications of the method to be performed.

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