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Microcam 1313 - microscope camera

Cameras & Software

DHS Solution introduces new cameras and enhanced software features: Microcam 1313 with a 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor and USB 3.0 offers fast data transmission (60fps).

The integrated 1/1.8-inch high-tech sensor provides a very good image reproduction, precision and speed for visualizing the specimens. The imaging package pixel-fox in six languages now features a new microscope camera. The pixel-fox camera also offers fast image transmission via USB 3.0, precise color reproduction with 4.92 megapixels, a ½-inch CMOS sensor and high light sensitivity. The convenient software for image capture, measurement and documentation is included in the package with the camera.

A report generator has been developed for the Company’s Image Data Base Reporting module – it is independent of MS Office Word.

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