02/28/2017 • Laboratory appliances


The Herolab Red Line centrifuges have an additional inner guard ring on the stainless steel chamber.

The APRI system (Automatic Positive Rotor Identification) recognizes the rotor itself and checks for the speed setting. In case the speed is selected too high for a particular rotor the machine will automatically reduce the speed setting to the maximum speed possible for the rotor. If any imbalance is detected an automatic cut-off will activate. Additionally, there is a 4-point-lid-fixing, a motorized lid lock, auto lid opening and an emergency lid-lock release.

The product line contains table top models, units on rollers that can slide under a bench, and larger floor standing models. Both refrigerated and non-refrigerated models are available. Sample volumes from 24 x 0.2ml up to 6 x 1000ml are catered for.

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