02/28/2017 • Analytics • Focus on Products at Analytica • Laboratory appliances

Online pH Measurement

Presens introduces its self-adhesive sensor spots for online pH measurements.

The feature simplifies spot integration, and makes it easier to monitor the conditions in nearly all transparent cultivation vessels. As the previous version of the manufacturer’s non-invasive pH spots these sensors are precalibrated and ready-to-use. They are compatible with glass and nearly all plastic surfaces; the spots are simply peeled off the release liner and then stuck to the inside wall of your container. Measurements are then taken contactless from the outside. After the experiments the self-adhesive sensor spots can be removed from the vessel completely. Optimized for physiological solutions they are suited for application in bioreactors, and even smaller cultivation vessels like spinners, shake flasks, or tubes, where electrodes cannot be used. Irradiated spots are available for integration in already sterilized vessels, but also onetime autoclaving is possible.

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